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At the law firm of Roth & Khalife LLP, formerly Ronald H. Roth, P.C.,
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At the law firm of Roth & Khalife LLP , formerly Ronald H. Roth P.C., our highly skilled NYC personal injury attorneys are committed to one goal: recovering maximum compensation for our injured clients. If you or a loved one has been seriously injured in an accident or harmed by a medical professional’s malpractice, we are prepared to tenaciously advocate for your interests


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We have successfully handled nearly 10,000 personal injury cases


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We Handle A Wide Range Of
Accident Claims

From motor vehicle accidents to medical malpractice claims and dog bite injuries, there is no case too complex for us to take on. We know how to negotiate with insurance companies, protecting your interests at every turn. If we are unable to secure a fair settlement through negotiation, we will take your case to court in an effort to secure the compensation you deserve.

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If you or a loved one has been seriously hurt in an accident, you may be entitled to financial compensation. To learn more, schedule a free initial consultation by calling 212-608-3015. You may also contact us online and we will respond to your message as soon as possible.


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How do I know if I have a personal injury case?

When you talk to a New York personal injury lawyer, they’ll be looking for two things to help you understand if you’ve got a personal injury case.

The first is a clear link between your injury and the negligence of someone else that caused the accident. The second is “damages” – that’s the legal term for any effect your injury has had on your life.

Some people think they need to come to a consultation with a clear picture of these things – but this isn’t the case. As experts in personal injury law, it’s our job to connect the dots and build your personal injury claim.

So, the honest answer is that you don’t have to know for certain if you’ve got a personal injury or medical malpractice claim. You just have to know if you’ve been injured and if you feel like your injury was because of something someone else did or didn’t do. If you feel like someone else’s action or inaction has caused suffering or physical hardship in your life, we encourage you to get in touch and speak to one of our team. Thousands of people miss out on personal injury claims every year simply because they don’t seek a legal opinion.

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What is my personal injury case worth?

You might see other personal injury lawyers offer put financial figures against different personal injury lawsuits. The truth is, every individual is different – so every injury has the potential to impact a person’s life in different ways.

This is how we approach every personal injury lawsuit. We carefully consider the extent of your injury and the financial impact that your injury causes. When we consider these damages, we think about the huge range of possible “economic” and “non-economic” consequences of your accident.

Economic damages

Economic damages are those that directly impact your finances – past, present, and future. Examples include:

  • The cost of medical bills
  • How much future support or rehabilitation might cost
  • Lost wages
  • Possible missed opportunities
  • The cost of repairing or replacing damaged property

Sadly, we also sometimes have to think about the costs of funeral and burial expenses when someone loses their life because of someone else’s negligence.

Non-economic damages

Non-economic damages are the consequences of your accident that don’t have an easily-obtained financial value. They might include:

  • The emotional distress that your injury has caused
  • The pain and suffering relating to the injury
  • Any loss of enjoyment of life
  • On-going physical and emotional pain
  • Damage to your reputation
  • The loss of companionship or the breakdown of relationships

While these touch on some of the typical things our New York personal injury lawyers will look at, it is by no means an exhaustive list. We’ll get to know you, we’ll take time to listen, we’ll talk to medical experts, and we’ll think carefully about your future. By doing so, we’ll be able to start building a detailed understanding of how your injury has changed your life – so we can fight hard for the compensation you deserve.

Isn’t it expensive to hire a personal injury lawyer?

Most people wonder if there are upfront and ongoing costs involved with hiring a personal injury lawyer and having them work on your case. If this is preventing you from thinking about taking your New York personal injury case forward – don’t let it.

We work on a ‘contingency basis’. Put simply, this means that if we don’t win your case, you don’t pay a single penny. This is often referred to as a ‘no win, no fee’ arrangement.

This approach to personal injury law has some significant advantages.

  1. It gives you and your chosen personal injury law firm the chance to explore your case with no obligation. You don’t have to worry about paying for expensive consultations only to be told that you don’t have a case.
  2. You don’t have to worry about the amount of work that’s going into your case. Building a case will almost always involve collecting evidence, speaking to witnesses, consulting with expert witnesses – and a host of other time-consuming factors. Working with NYC personal injury lawyers that operate on a contingency basis means you don’t have to worry about the resources being used to build your case.
  3. Since we only get paid if your lawsuit is successful, you can always be assured that your case is receiving our utmost attention and that we’re progressing it as quickly as possible. We’re highly motivated to win your case and push for the maximum amount of compensation – it means fair compensation for your injuries and our legal efforts.

If your case is successful, we’ll take a fair proportion of the amount that is rewarded to you. This amount varies – but it will be clearly discussed when we first talk and agreed upon before we take your case on.

What kinds of personal injury cases does Roth & Khalife, LLP handle?

The experienced personal injury lawyers here at Roth & Khalife, LLP handle a huge range of cases, including:

Medical Malpractice claims

People often turn to medical professionals in times of desperate need. When we do, we put a lot of trust in their knowledge, expertise, practices, and judgment. Occasionally, this trust is abused, and medical professionals act in a way that leaves a person with an injury.

Such action – or inaction – could include misdiagnosis, surgical errors, medication errors, or failure to diagnose a condition. Such errors can lead to a range of different injuries, some minor – but some severe. In the worst cases, birth injury or trauma can lead to lifelong disabilities. In some cases, medical error or oversight can lead to untimely death.

If you’ve suffered and you believe a medical professional is even partly to blame, we can help you seek the damages you deserve.

Vehicle accidents and car accidents

You don’t need reminding how busy the roads around New York can be. As a result, the city sees more than its fair share of automotive accidents.

Unfortunately, the nature of vehicle accidents makes them especially dangerous. Vehicles move far quicker and with much more force than you would walking – so the injuries caused by negligence are often very serious.

If you’ve been injured because of someone else’s negligence or irresponsibility on the road, we can help you fight for fair compensation. Not only will we handle the complexities of investigating and building a case – we’ll also make sure that any insurance company involved treats you fairly and is compelled to provide the appropriate amount of compensation.

Premises liability cases

When you’re on someone else’s premises, they have a legal responsibility to keep you safe.

This responsibility can take many forms, including making sure the premises is maintained and free from physical dangers, providing security if required, ensuring cleanliness, and a host of other factors.

In many cases, premises owners simply do not know the extent to which they should be protecting the safety of people who use their property. As a result, oversights are commonplace – and can unfortunately lead to serious injury.

If you’ve been hurt on someone else’s property, we can help to fight for compensation that reflects the damages you’ve suffered. Premises liabilty cases are often complex – but our experience means we can cut through the noise and hold the appropriate people to account.

Product liability cases

Manufacturers, distributors, and retailers have a repsonsiblity to make sure their products are safe for their intended use. If a product is found to have a defect that makes it dangerous, it can result in severe personal injury.

The term ‘defect’ can apply in a number of different ways. For instance, a product could be poorly manufacturered, leading to a failure that injures someone. In other cases, the design of the product could be inherently dangerous – meaning injury is more likely when it’s used. There are also instances where marketing of a product is defective – and a lack of warnings or instructions creates as hazard.

If you’ve been injured and you think a product is to blame, our personal injury lawyers can carry out a detailed investigation – establishing who is responsible, then pursuing them for the damages that they have caused.

School and childcare accidents

When it comes to injuries and risks, children are especially vulnerable. Their lack of understanding and experience means the world can present risks even in settings where adults would be considered safe.

Schools and daycare settings should be taking extra care to identify and reduce these risks. Such risks can include slips, trips, and falls, as well as injuries from playground equipment, sports equipment, or school buses. Negligent supervision, inadequate security measures, or poorly maintained facilities can also contribute to accidents or injuries.

Sadly, children are especially vulnerable when it comes to intentional acts too. Such cases can include bullying, physical or sexual abuse, or assault.

If your child or a child you have responsibility for has come to harm in a setting where they should be safe, we can help to fight on their behalf. Our expert attorneys understand the complexities of injuries to children and always handle cases like this with the utmost care and sensitivity.

Construction accidents

Construction sites are dangerous places to work. The combination of noise, equipment, heavy machinery, specialist materials, and other workers creates risks that most people never encounter in their day-to-day life.

As such, the people responsible for construction projects should make sure they abide by the rules, regulations, and practices that keep workers, contractors, and members of the public safe.

Unfortunately, the pressures involved with construction can sometimes mean that corners are cut and strict safety guidelines are not adhered to. If this happens, people can be exposed to a host of risks, including falls, crush accidents, toxic exposure, electric shock, burns, and much more.

If you’ve sustained an injury on a construction site, our personal injury litigation specialists will get to the bottom of who is responsible and hold them to account for the circumstances that have led to your injury.

What are some examples of injuries that Roth & Khalife, LLP have successfully won compensation for?

As you can no doubt imagine, the size and variety of settings in New York leads to an almost endless range of injuries for workers, patients, and members of the public.

As a result, it’s rare than two injury cases are identical – injuries need to be carefully assessed, along with the impact they have on your life. That said, some injuries are more common than others, including:

Crush injuries: When extreme force or pressure is applied to a person’s body, it can result in a huge range of injuries – from swelling and bruising through to broken bones, internal bleeding, nerve damage, muscle death and even limb loss. Crush injuries can occur in a host of settings, including construction sites, roads, and even poorly maintained properties.

Internal organ damage: There are a series of injuries that can cause severe internal damage, affecting their normal function. In situations where a person experiences blunt force trauma, penetrating injuries, crush injuries, medical conditions, infections, or exposure to toxins, the organs can fail to perform as they should. In the most extreme cases, organs can fail and threaten the life of the individual.

Internal bleeding: When the body is exposed to penetrating injuries, crush injuries, severe trauma, or even exposure to allergens or toxins, the circulatory or vascular system can be damaged. When bleeding occurs internally, it can result in organ damage or failure and can be life-threatening if not treated immediately.

Acute poisoning: If a person is exposed to toxic substances, it can have extremely harmful effects on the body. Since toxic exposure can occur through ingestion, inhalation, skin contact, or injection, such chemicals (such as medications, cleaning products, or environmental hazards) should be responsibly stored, labeled, handled, and used. 

Anaphylactic shock: When exposed to allergens, the body can react with rapid swelling, airway obstruction, and severe drops in blood pressure. These kinds of life-threatening reactions can have life-long effects and possibly result in death if not treated very quickly. These reactions can come because of failures by businesses or property owners to properly alert individuals to the presence of allergens in foods or the general environment. 

Gunshot wounds: While gunshot wounds are traditionally considered a result of violent crime, thousands of people every year are killed or injured through the mishandling of firearms. It is an essential part of responsible gun ownership to make sure your weapons are safely used and stored – so when injuries occur, it’s important to hold the person responsible to account.

Sprains and strains: These are injuries to the ligaments, tendons, or muscles, often caused by falls or sudden twisting movements.

Contusions: Also known as bruises, contusions are caused by blunt force trauma to the skin and underlying tissue – often from slips, trips, falls, or impacts.

Fractures: A fracture is a broken bone, usually caused by a direct blow or a fall. Fractures commonly occur as a result of road traffic accidents.

Cuts and lacerations: These are injuries to the skin caused by sharp objects, such as knives or broken glass.

Burns: Burns can be caused by heat, chemicals, electricity, or radiation, and can range from minor to severe. Burns are common place in construction settings – but also frquently happen in kitchens and food preparation settings.

Head injuries: Serious head injuries can range from broken bones, hemorrhage, blood clots, contusions and impact injuries through to traumatic brain injury, which can be life-threatening and have life-long consequences.

Back injuries: Back injuries can be caused by lifting heavy objects, falls, or accidents, and can cause chronic pain and mobility issues. Back injuries are common when someone has fallen as a result of negligent premises management – or not been given adequate safety training by an employer.

Neck injuries: Neck injuries, such as whiplash, can result from car accidents, falls, or even sports injuries.

Eye injuries: Eye injuries can be caused by foreign objects, chemicals, or trauma, and can range from minor irritation to permanent vision loss. Eye injuries are commonly found in construction settings.

Dental injuries: Dental injuries can result from falls or accidents, and can include broken or knocked-out teeth. Dental injuries can happen in a range of settings – but often in car accidents or falls due to negligent property owners.

What can you expect from an experienced personal injury attorney at our law firm?

Our personal injury attorneys’ knowledge and experience is second-to-none – but it’s not just legal expertise that sets us apart from other New York personal injury attorneys.

From the moment we first talk to you on the telephone to the point where we shake hands and celebrate a successful case, we do everything we can to make sure our levels of service are also second-to-none.

That involves a series of commitments from us.

1. Straight-talking consultations

When you book a free consultation, you’ll always get an honest assessment of your case. We’ll also make sure we don’t use lots of legal jargon – just a straightforward discussion about what we think is possible.

2. Prompt communication

We’re only ever a phone call or email away. When you get in touch to talk about your case, we’ll answer promptly – and we’ll make sure you’re talking to someone who understands every aspect of your personal injury claim.

3. A skilled team of people

You’ll have a capable and experienced team of people investigate the facts of your case and build the evidence we think you’ll need to reach a positive outcome.

4. Knowledgable and experienced attorneys

You’ll always have skilled and knowledgeable attorneys work on your personal injury case. Your case – no matter how small the settlement may be – will never be handed off to people who lack the experience needed to reach a positive outcome.

5. Trustworthy advice around settlement offers

We’ll make sure that any settlement offer you receive is communicated to you. We’ll always make recommendations based on our legal experience, but we won’t make decisions on your behalf. If we think you’ll do better with a trial – we’re not afraid to take your case to court.

Talk to our New York Personal Injury Attorneys today

If you’ve been injured as a result of someone else’s negligence, it’s very possible that you have a personal injury case. When you come for a free consultation with Roth & Khalife, LLP, we take the time to listen – then explain whether or not we think we could pursue compensation for any damages you have sustained.

Our free consultation is also a chance to get a feel for how we operate. We’re proud to have supported thousands of New Yorkers like you get the justice they deserve when they’ve been injured.